Mark T. Sebastian

Contact Information
858-232-6428 (phone)
603-584-8419 (fax)

  • Gettysburg College (1996)
  • BA in Computer Science

  • Skills
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • Postgresql
  • Jquery, ExtJS

  • Linux/FreeBSD
  • Apache/mod_perl
  • CouchDB
  • Mason

  • Experience
    OneLegacy (2005 onward)
    Provided ongoing technology consulting and web hosting. Developed numerous internal applications utilizing Perl, CGI, Postgresql, and AJAX.

    UCSD Recreation (2003 onward)
    Developed internal Point of Sales and Management system for UCSD Recreation. Also developed content management system and online store for recreation department.

    UCSD Extension (2000 onward)
    Developed and instructed continuing education courses teaching Perl, CGI, mod_perl and web protocols. Currently teaching Introduction to Perl Programming and Intermediate Perl Programming.

    UCSD Surgery and UCSD Neuroscience (2003 onward)
    Converted financial reporting legacy applications to web based applications using Mason, mod_perl, Apache, Postgres, AJAX.

    MC Direct (1999-2001)
    Provided website redesign consultation. Developed web based lead-tracking system allowing customer service to manage leads in an Oracle database. Search, data entry, and report screens developed in PL/SQL. Developed and deployed on Solaris platforms running Oracle Web Server.

    EQSNET (2001)
    Developed web based property listings application allowing users to browse property listings and view property details. Also allows for secure remote publishing of property information.

    AMP Inc (1996-1998)
    Developed web based publishing tools allowing authors to convert Adobe FrameMaker documents to a web ready format. Uses Perl to interlaces MIF templates, convert to Postscript, and publish to the Web in PDF format. Adobe Distiller utilized for final conversion to PDF.
    LDAP Directory Interface - Web based application allowing users to search X.500 corporate directory database via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Utilizes Netscape LDAP interface programs and CGI's written in Perl.

    Perfect Order Inc. (1996-1998)
    Purchase Order System - Web based application allowing accountants and administrative staff to enter, update, and report corporate purchase orders. Utilizes multiple CGI's written in Perl, backed by a multiple flat file database.

    Web Calendar System - Restricted Web based application allowing consultants to keep a daily log of hours, locations, projects, and customers. Provides HTML and text reporting for easy time sheet submission. Utilizes multiple CGI's written in Perl and a multiple flat file database. Netscape Enterprise Server provides access restriction and security.